Grilled chicken with olives and lemon



– Flour : 2 tbsp

– Chili powder : corn

– Olive oil: 2 tbsp (virgin)

– Chicken breast: 3 breasts (large, bone-free)

– Lemon juice: half a grain (plus 4 slices of lemon)

– Garlic: 2 cloves (chopped)

– Olives: two-thirds of the cup (removed from seeds)

– Parsley : 3 tbsp (fresh, chopped)

– Salt : half a teaspoon

– Black pepper : to taste

– Butter: 2 tsp

Method of preparation

Add flour and chili to a wide dish, stirring.

Pour oil into a medium-sized frying pan, until it is warm (not hot).

Dip the chicken breasts in the mixture of flour and chilli on the sides, dripping, before frying in warm oil, for three minutes. Then, turn the chicken breast to the other side, pour lemon juice, distribute its sides, as well as olives, a glass and a half cup of parsley chop. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Cook the chicken breasts from eight to ten minutes, shaking the pan not once, stirring the olive mixture, avoiding the burning of parsley.

Add butter to the pan, stirring.

Spread the chicken breast in a serving dish, pour the olive mixture over the face. Garnish the dish with the rest of the parsley chop.

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