Green tea cream to burn fat and tighten the skin

In this article, our Magazine presents you with a method of preparing green tea cream to get rid of excess weight and treat the problem of obesity. This cream can also be used to treat cellulite and sagging skin. Green tea has many benefits in the process of burning fat quickly, and this is what makes it an essential ingredient. In the preparation and manufacturing of medical products that rid the body of excess fat.


the components:


Skin cream box


Half a cup of green tea


A quarter cup of grated ginger





A spoonful of ginger oil


Method of preparation and use:


Leave green tea leaves in a cup of warm water overnight.


Add the green tea to the rest of the ingredients in a mixing bowl.


Mix the ingredients until you get a creamy consistency.


Store the cream in a glass bottle until you use it.


Take a warm bath, then apply the cream to the areas where you want to break up the fat.


Wait for an hour, then take a shower again to get rid of the cream residue.


Repeat this process daily to notice the result as soon as possible.

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