Grapes protect against cancer

A recent study says that grape juice is considered the best food for patients with kidney and liver inflammation, gout, and anemia, and it also fights tuberculosis and cancer.

Dr. Muhammad Kamal, professor of food research and technology, explained that the medicinal importance of grapes is due to the nutritional elements that the fruits contain and many benefits for the body, which made many researchers and those working in nutrition give the name “vegetable milk.”

He added that scientific research has proven that this juice is the best food for those suffering from nephritis due to its low albumin and sodium content and the increased percentage of water and potassium salts.

It also contains large amounts of sugars that are easy to digest and absorb, as it contains 16% carbohydrates, most of which are glucose, which makes it an important source of high energy because grapes are the highest type of fruit in calorific value.


The bottom line :


Grapes are one of the most beneficial and beneficial fruits of all. They have an effective role in building the body and restoring its tissues. They are beneficial for athletes and workers who work hard, helping them regain their strength, flexibility of their muscles and energy very quickly. These properties apply to fresh grape juice only, but ready-made canned juice does not contain it. It contains more than 20% of grape juice, in addition to water, sugar, artificial colors and flavors, and how do you know what these flavors and colors are?

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