Golden tips to enjoy a healthy life throughout the life

Whoever wants to reduce the risk of exposure to many diseases, such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc., should follow five simple tips in daily life. So everyone can work with it for a vibrant and long life.


We review with you five tips that are useful in preventing serious diseases:


Avoid gaining weight


According to data from the German Cancer Research Center, obesity or persistent weight gain is considered one of the main factors that cause cancer. The risk increases with increased fat in the abdominal area surrounding the organs located there. Studies have proven the relationship between obesity or excess fat and the emergence of the following cancers: kidney cancer, bowel cancer, chest cancer, especially after entering menopause, in addition to esophageal cancer and cancer of the uterine wall.


Heart and circulatory diseases, such as stroke, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes, are all directly caused by weight gain. Whoever reduces his weight reduces the risk of developing these diseases, as confirmed by the German Association for Combating Vascular Diseases.


Too much movement


Our body needs movement to stay energetic. Types of sports, such as running, cycling, swimming, and long walking, help keep blood circulation constantly active, as blood pressure and fats in the blood remain balanced and not imbalanced, and the heart remains strong and beating in a healthy way. The above-mentioned sports also help maintain mental activity in a vibrant state even at an advanced age.


Healthy nutrition


In order to avoid obesity and weight gain, one should pay attention to healthy nutrition. This not only greatly helps in weight loss, but also contributes to providing the body with important nutritional elements such as essential vitamins, salts, and minerals. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, eating fish, and using vegetable oils also helps prevent heart and circulatory diseases and cancer. Some types of cancer can actually be avoided with healthy nutrition and proper selection of foodstuffs, as confirmed by the German Institute for Nutrition Research.




It is very useful to stop smoking. In addition to the risks of lung cancer and bladder cancer, smoking contributes significantly to the high risk of heart and stroke. In addition, smoking contributes to damage to the brain, which negatively affects memory. Smoking for a long time also affects the sexual potency of men.


Avoid drinking alcohol


Alcohol also harms the human body. It increases the risk of exposure to cancer of the mouth, respiratory tract, and esophagus. These risks begin even when drinking one glass of beer a day, as confirmed by the German Nutrition Society. German scientific studies, according to data from the German Foundation for Liver Disease Research, confirm that excessive and continuous consumption of alcohol is the main cause of liver disease. About 20,000 people die every year in Germany due to diseases caused by drinking alcoholic beverages.

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