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Ginger to reduce the nose - Care Beauty

Ginger to reduce the nose

Each of us has a physical defect that we see in ourselves and wish to change, and if a statistical company conducted a women’s referendum on this subject, it would have found that one of the most common complaints is: “I don’t like my nose.” Yes, my dear, you are the same as many women around the world… but, if you Are you complaining about this problem and are afraid of undergoing plastic surgery, or if you are tired of hiding this defect with makeup, we have good news for you! You can naturally reduce your nose… How? Your answer is ginger.


It should be noted that this method does not change the basic features of the nose, such as the cartilaginous part of the nose and bones, but only works to remove the fat that makes the nose large and wide.


Perhaps you have heard a lot recently about the benefits of ginger in slimming and its frequent use in medicines that promise you to lose kilograms and kilograms of fat, so why not use it to slim the nose as well?!


All you have to do is grind a little ginger or buy a ready-made powder from the market, and mix an amount sufficient to cover your nose with a few drops of warm water until you have a paste-like consistency. Apply the mixture on your nose before going to sleep, but in a period not exceeding 15 minutes, and focus only on the area that you want to reduce or slim.


It is normal to feel a great burning sensation the moment you apply the mixture, but if this burning continues and escalates in frequency, wash it off immediately because leaving it if you are allergic to it may cause irritation in your skin and make your nose swell and appear larger instead of the desired opposite effect.


Repeat the process in the evening at a daily pace, and you will notice the effective result after two weeks at most!