Get rosy cheeks with natural ingredients

There is no doubt that the natural beauty of the face is complete with redness of the cheeks without resorting to the use of cosmetics, which are often harmful to the face because they contain chemicals. In addition, it disappears once the face is washed. There are many distinctive natural recipes that can provide the pink color, which is the dream of every girl, without the need to use blush, and perhaps the most prominent of them. >



Oats and cucumber:

>Make a mixture of oatmeal with grated cucumber and a little olive oil, and after mixing it, apply the mixture on your face >

> In a circular motion, while continuing on this scrub, you will get rosy cheeks because it contributes to the removal of dead skin cells from >

>On the skin.>



>Mash two bananas so that it becomes a paste, and apply it on the face, for 20 minutes, and then wash it, to obtain>

> Pink glow to the skin, giving the face the required rosy blush.>


> beetroot:

Beetroot contains properties that help in the production of new skin cells, mix beetroot and carrot juice together and massage it on the cheeks

> For 10 minutes and using this treatment twice a week makes the cheeks flushed and red in color.


> Rose water

Adding drops of rose water to a powder of sugar and rubbing it on the skin and using this remedy daily makes the cheeks rosy within a few days.

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