10 cases when makeup is dangerous

It may be absent from women who use make-up continuously and everywhere that there are cases in which make-up and cosmetics pose a threat to their health, especially the health of their skin, so they should recognize these cases in order to avoid them and treat them as soon as they occur. Here are 10 cases in which make-up is dangerous.


>1. When you put on makeup in the car, imagine that you are drawing your eyes with a pen and that someone hits you from behind, what can you do?




> What happens if the pen gets into your eye?! .. Avoid wearing makeup while you are in the car.


>2. When you lend it to your friend, sister, or anyone, you must sterilize it with alcohol, and it is preferable not to use it by more than one person.

>3. When you leave open makeup boxes, you must close the boxes well.>


>4. When your makeup boxes are exposed to sunlight and heat for a long time, if they are in the car, for example, this would reduce

> The percentage of preservatives, so avoid that.

>5. When you have inflammation of the eyes or sensitive skin, do not use makeup.

>6. When you add water to some powders in order to extend the life of its use, avoid that because it is bad.>


>7. When the substance in the container changes color or smell, throw it away immediately.

>8. When you put hairspray near heat, did you know that it is flammable! .. Avoid it.

>9. When you breathe in cosmetics like hairspray, this is very bad and can cause lung damage.

>10. Avoid dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows to avoid harm to your eyes.>


>These ten cases are among the worst and most dangerous cases of using makeup that cause harm to the body and health, so you must >

Madam, avoid it and be more aware when using makeup and follow up on its cleanliness and where it is kept.

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