Get rid of spring breakouts in 5 ways 

Get rid of spring breakouts in 5 ways




The worst feeling you may feel when you wake up and look in the mirror is the presence of a new pimple on your skin, as this pimple could ruin your entire day. But you can’t do anything about it, as the spring wind always carries pimples and pimples to your skin!


How can you combat these pimples before they appear, so that you do not wake up with a new pimple on your skin?


Here are five ways to combat pimples in less than three weeks:


1- Cleanse the skin constantly: Always make sure to cleanse your skin with the appropriate cleanser, while gently massaging the skin to get rid of dirt and fats accumulated on it. Massage also helps open the pores of the skin and allow oxygen to enter it.



2- After cleansing the skin, you need to moisturize it with a suitable moisturizer and make sure that the moisturizer is alcohol-free, as alcohol dries the skin and causes pimples to appear.



3- When you wear makeup, choose oil-free makeup to avoid the appearance of new pimples. You should also be careful to remove makeup before sleeping, as makeup clogs the skin’s pores, leading to the appearance of pimples. When choosing a foundation or face powder, choose a cream that contains salicylic acid, which fights the appearance of pimples.



4- Always use clean towels to clean your skin. Make sure that the towels are clean and free of bacteria, and use them only once to clean your face, so that bacteria do not transfer to your skin again and pimples appear.



5- Drink 10 cups of water a day, or more, to keep your skin hydrated from the inside with the oxygen it needs to increase skin radiance.

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