Get rid of hair loss gradually

The problem of hair loss is one of the problems that most girls suffer from, and despite that, the solutions related to this problem are limited to some fake advice or promises that are completely devoid of effectiveness. As for the effective and optimal solution, it is the solution that advises you to stay away from the causes of this loss, Hair loss at a rate of 25 to 50 hairs per day may decrease to 10 or 15 hairs per day, and thus you will have succeeded in gradually getting rid of this problem, and you can then search for solutions that contribute to stopping it completely. >


Here are some causes of hair loss to get rid of it gradually:



>1. Using hair dryers daily makes your hair more susceptible to damage and loss, as well as if you like to color your hair constantly>

>This will lead to hair loss, so make sure to give your hair a break every once in a while and use products that promote hair growth to avoid

> frequent falls.

>2. Make sure to follow a healthy diet that contains vitamins that nourish your hair, in addition to eating foods that contain

> I have omega 3, such as salmon and tuna, and if you have difficulty obtaining these vitamins through food, you can

>Take it through dietary supplement tablets.

>3. Avoid using hot water on your hair and use lukewarm or cold water to reduce hair loss.

>4. Put aloe vera on your hair, as it is a great treatment for hair loss. Because it helps to increase the growth of hair follicles and prevents

>falling out


>5. Use hair nourishing oils such as rosemary oil and jojoba oil as a weekly oil bath to nourish your hair and prevent hair loss.

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