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Get rid of belly prominence in 4 ways

The protrusion of the abdomen is one of the things that annoy women the most and hinder the style of their clothes, which may make them uncomfortable and bored every time they go out.

1- Stay away from fast food because they contain a huge number of calories, fats and sugars that accumulate daily in your body without you even realizing. A balanced diet that contains all nutrients, especially fiber and proteins. Watch your calories. The average daily body burns is 2000 calories, so if you want to lose your extra weight, you must save 300 to 500 calories per day, and you must also drink enough water daily. Water helps the body get rid of excess fat.


2-Many people think that all foods that contain harmful carbohydrates, but this is not true. The body needs good carbohydrates, which are found in all fruits, in addition to oats, potatoes, carrots and brown rice. As for harmful carbohydrates, they are the ones that we must avoid, which are It is found in refined flour products such as pasta, rice and white bread, which causes flatulence and can be replaced with products made from whole wheat flour. In all cases, you should not increase carbohydrates, as the body needs them, but it does not need a lot of them because it cannot burn many carbohydrates at one time, so your daily portion of good carbohydrates should not exceed the size of the palm of your hand.


3- Some women suffer from severe hunger attacks before bed or after sleep as well, which makes them wake up at night to eat everything they tried to resist during the day, and although the treatment of this problem depends entirely on the willpower of the person himself, there are some tips that may help to stick to our program food and not to fall apart our will. The main meals should be divided into 6 meals per day, separated by two hours between each meal and the other, and you should not omit any of the six meals. This will not only help you resist eating at night, but will also help your body to continue turning the burning wheel throughout the day.




4- Despite the effectiveness of a healthy diet in losing weight, following it alone without exercising will lead to a slow and unhealthy loss of fat in all parts of the body. The goal, so you should focus on exercises for this area daily, while continuing to do so even after getting the belly you dream of. The explanation of the tight abdomen is the strong abdominal muscles. You must realize that strengthening the muscles of this area will not only give you the perfect shape that you want, but will serve as a golden shield to maintain the shape of your abdomen. Even after pregnancy and childbirth, there will be no need to worry about the shape of your abdomen later.

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