Get rid of acne with carbon dioxide!

The fractionated carbon dioxide laser technology deeply activates the skin, removes acne scars, corrects superficial wrinkles, improves skin density and gives the skin a glow and an even tone.
Instead of scraping the entire surface of the skin like the first lasers, to rejuvenate the face with carbon dioxide and erebium, the fractional or intermittent laser technology allows splitting the laser beam line to create very small effects within the dermis. The result is a more gentle but not always convincing treatment. Today, the CO2 fractional laser does both: scraping and fractionation.
The promises of this technology are to get rid of skin surface defects, such as acne and scars, reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines, and improve skin density, as it becomes more elastic, stronger, less saggy, and gives the skin luster and an attractive color.

How is the session?
The skin is carefully cleaned, then an anesthetic cream is applied to the face, which is wrapped with a special adhesive film for an hour. After removing the cream, the doctor treats the entire face, focusing on the wrinkled or wrinkled areas. The session is ended by spraying the face with water and applying a treatment cream.
Is this method painful?
It is less painful than the traditional pulsed CO2 laser. The numbing cream helps you endure the session. During the next twelve hours, you will feel a very glowing face. The feeling of discomfort and tightening in the face continues for several days.
What happens after the session ends?
A group of small, square pits or holes spread on the surface of the treated skin. After several hours, the face begins to turn red, as if you had a hot sunstroke or a pink rash. Then it swells as a result of fluid retention. The next day, crusts formed on the face. It is recommended to spray the face with water to calm it and apply a medicated ointment during the next eight days. It should not be exposed to the sun for two months.


Are the results fast and how long do they last?
Results are visible within a month in terms of smoothing, fine wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and scars are virtually eliminated. The results for a facelift are visible within 3 months after the first session. Its effects last for about two years

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