Get a gorgeous bronzed complexion with makeup

Most girls want to have a bronze, shiny and radiant skin, especially in the summer, as it adds a lot of charm and beauty to their looks, but most do not want to expose their skin to harmful rays, which can cause a lot of harm and damage to the skin, and may also not give it the right and desired color.

However, the solution is very simple with appropriate makeup, and it can be applied without harming the skin, provided that you master the rules of applying bronze makeup, as it requires accuracy and sophistication so that your appearance does not look funny.

The first rule is, of course, to choose the color of the foundation cream that is suitable for your skin tone, which is one or two degrees darker than your skin tone, so that it does not look dark, dark, and unnatural, while you want to have a warm and beautiful skin tone.

The idea of ​​choosing two colors, one for the winter and the other for the summer, may be a very appropriate idea, as the skin color in the summer is likely to be darker than in the winter because it is exposed to the sun more.




Here are these tips and basic rules to help you choose the perfect color for your skin tone and get a distinctive and wonderful bronze complexion:

For dark skin, choose a golden brown foundation.

As for fair skin, pink and peach colors will work great with it.

Olive skin matches with Cuban foundation.

For oily or normal skin, choose a foundation in the form of a bronze powder.

As for dry skin, you can choose a bronze cream foundation