Forbidden Foods for Triglyceride Patients

“Forbidden Foods for Triglyceride Patients Triglycerides are a type of fat that travels through the blood and is either used for energy or stored, and if stored, hormones can trigger it to be released if it is needed later for energy.

Cholesterol is also a fatty substance, but it has a different function – it is a waxy substance that the body uses to build cells.

High levels of triglycerides may play a role in heart disease, stroke, and diabetes complications, but exercise and good nutrition help reduce triglycerides, which includes avoiding certain foods such as snacks, foods high in saturated fat, refined grains such as white bread and pasta, and sweet drinks.

In the following lines, through my website, we learn more details about prohibited foods and drinks for patients with triglycerides:


Foods prohibited for patients with triglycerides

starchy vegetables

Corn and peas are starchy vegetables that are best avoided because the body converts excess starch into triglyceride fats. There are many other healthy options such as broccoli, cabbage, and mushrooms.


Lots of fruit

There is no doubt that fruits are good for your body, especially if you eat them instead of sweets, but when you have high triglycerides, you may need to eat 2-3 pieces of fruit per day, and this way you will not get as much of the natural sugars found in fruits. And if you eat dried fruit, remember that the portion should be much smaller, because it contains a lot of sugar.




Canned and packaged fish in oil

Fish is good for your heart, but when buying canned fish, check the label to see if it’s full of oil. It is preferable to buy fish in the water.


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Coconut has many health benefits, but it’s also high in saturated fat, so ask your doctor if you should limit it or avoid it altogether if you have high triglyceride levels.


starchy foods

Eating a lot of pasta, potatoes, or grains can be converted into triglycerides by your body, so make sure your daily quota of these carbohydrates is a slice of bread, 1/3 cup of rice, 1/2 cup of pasta, or half. A cup of cooked potatoes or oatmeal.




sugary drinks

You can get a lot of sugar from one cup of sweetened beverages, whether you drink sweet iced tea, regular soda, fruit juice or a coffee drink, you can get more sugar than your body can handle and some of that sugar turns into triglycerides, so you should avoid the drinks. Sweetened with sugar if you suffer from high triglycerides.


Pastries and baked goods

Due to the high levels of triglycerides, you should limit saturated fats in your diet, which are found in baked butter, for example, in cookies and baked goods. Trans fats should also be avoided completely.


processed meat

You don’t have to give up meat entirely, but eat meats that are low in fat and avoid all processed meats as these types of meat are thought to contribute to heart disease and diabetes.