For plump, prominent and pink cheeks, apply this mixture

Many people want to have fat cheeks so that they become more beautiful and younger, and because full and chubby cheeks are the symbol of beauty, so in today’s article, “My Recipes” website will inform you about several mixtures to fatten the cheeks, each of which is unique in terms of its kind. The results you will get.
Ingredients: a tablespoon of yeast + a tablespoon of natural honey + a tablespoon of rose water
Method of preparation: Mix all the ingredients and leave the mixture in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, wash your face with soap and water to loosen the pores of the face, apply the mixture to the entire face except for the nose for one hour, Wash your face with cold water, you will see the difference after a week, and you will have chubby and round cheeks like a doll.