Foods you must eat for great skin

 Skin problems are mostly caused by your diet, which is why Yvana, founder of the natural cosmetic brand, will help you choose the right foods to get fresh and healthy skin.

It is necessary to know first that creams are not sufficient to obtain good skin quality, as we previously saw that it is necessary to constantly moisturize the skin and drink a lot of water, and we will now discover the importance of healthy and good food for a fresh and radiant complexion, so follow us!

It is important to apply a daily cream to the skin and to be careful to clean it in a gentle and moderate manner to avoid dehydration that leads to the depletion of the skin’s reserves to combat cellular stress associated with skin exposure to sunlight and pollution. For deep moisturizing, the skin needs an amount of lipids, which you must make sure to provide without overeating your meals.

A diet rich in omega-3s:

Polyunsaturated acids from the omega 3 and 6 groups make up the cell membranes and allow the transport of vitamins A, C and E, which are essential to skin cells. Because our body cannot synthesize essential fatty acids, it is essential that we provide it to it through our diet.

The ideal is to eat fish that live in cold water a lot, once or twice a week if possible (salmon, sardines, mackerel, and herring). Also, do not forget to eat lettuce rich in omega-3, which you can accompany with walnuts or other nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, etc.), and the sauce based on colza oil. The flaxseeds in breakfast cereals may also be an excellent idea, so make sure to eat them

Don’t forget foods rich in antioxidants:

You should also focus on vegetables and fruits to replenish the skin’s reserves of antioxidants, especially those that are more pigmented (carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, fresh beets, red berries, apples, etc.).

Of course, do not hesitate to use the antioxidant spices used daily in India, such as turmeric, which you can sprinkle on all your dishes with black pepper.

In sum, a healthy diet will immediately benefit the skin in a short period of time that may not exceed a month!

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