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24 tips and ways to lighten dark lips - Care Beauty

24 tips and ways to lighten dark lips


Pink lips are the title of femininity for women, if you want to restore your natural pink lip color

After time and environmental factors have left their dark marks on them, here are 23 tips and ways to lighten your dark lips

And moisten it in the cold and dry winter until it regains its glow again.

Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits that contain vitamins and lots of water because they provide hydration to the lips.

Honey and glycerin are the best moisturizers, so you can apply a thick layer of the mixture at night to protect the skin from drying out.

You can also prepare neem or aloe vera paste and apply it to the lips overnight to give lips vitality.

Rubbing the cucumber on the lips gives you a quick feeling of relief from cracked skin.

Applying green lemon juice to the lips will help maintain their natural color, softness and shine.

Apply a mixture of wheat germ oil, tomato juice, watercress, spinach juice and watercress water to get beautiful pink lips.

For red lips, quickly crush red rose petals and apply juice to the lips. The petals give the natural red color to the lips.

Use a lip balm that contains beeswax, which protects and moisturizes the lips.

Cocoa butter is an antioxidant, thus softening and protecting the lips, and obtaining vitamin C is also necessary to get rid of pigmentation of the lips.

Drink lots of water as this helps keep the lips in moisture.

Mix lemon juice, glycerin, and honey and apply the mixture to the lips before bed. Or apply a butter lipstick before bed.

Massage your lips with yogurt every morning.

Rub a piece of papaya on the lips to relieve the pigmentation.

Dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it to the lips twice a day.

Exfoliate your lips every morning with a clean toothbrush.

You can also put your regular toothpaste on the lips for a few minutes before brushing the teeth.

Apply castor oil to lips before bed.

Reduce your caffeine intake, especially tea and coffee.

Stop smoking, as nicotine can discolor the lips.

Drink milk. Lactic acid has bleaching properties and helps get rid of dead cells.

Water may also be responsible for staining the lips due to the chlorine it contains.

Massaging the lips with olive oil and peanut oil is excellent for reducing pigmentation.

Rub a piece of beet on the lips before bed.

Lemon juice mixed with almond oil is a great moisturizer and pigmentation lightener.