Foods that protect you from computer damage  

Foods that protect you from computer damage

Chinese scientists presented a medical prescription that includes five types of foods, which are an indispensable necessity for those who sit for long periods in front of the computer, and among these foods:


The prescription includes fresh vegetables as a good cleanser for the body, as it contains what can be described as a “secret weapon” or alkaline components that make the blood alkaline and dissolve toxins deposited in the cells.


Seaweed is the enemy of radioactive substances, which contains a substance called “viscosity”, and promotes the secretion of radioactive substances in the human body from the intestines.

Green bean soup:

In addition to green bean soup to remove all toxins, as it contains a substance that helps to excrete toxins from the body, accelerates the metabolism and effectively combats various forms of pollution.


The prescription also includes black mushrooms, which help remove harmful cellulose substances and prevent them from gaining a foothold in the body.

Green tea:

Green tea for its anti-radiation effect, which can reduce the risk of x-rays emitted from a computer screen.

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