Foods that may be a cause of flatulence

• Foods from the cruciferous family: cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli (cooked and fresh).

• Dried fruit: apricots, peaches, raisins, and the like.

• Foods from the legume family: such as beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils.

• Soy.

• Eggplant.

• Lettuce.

• Onions.

• Artificial sweeteners: sorbitol.

• Dairy products.

• Fatty foods: cakes, margarine, butter, sauces.

• Fiber: Sometimes its deficiency leads to discomfort, and sometimes its excess causes this phenomenon. Therefore, the problem must be diagnosed and reduced or increased accordingly. Examples of foods rich in fiber: cereals, brown rice, vegetables and fruits with their skins, whole wheat bread, bran, etc.

Sometimes the treatment is not only nutritional, and there is a need to add different medications, such as antacids, activated charcoal tablets, or different medications. In addition, medicinal herbs such as chamomile, ginger, angelica, coriander, aloe vera, and others may help. About these herbs, you should consult professionals in this field.

Lifestyle changes such as reducing stress, increasing physical activity, as well as changes in diet and the way you eat (eating slowly, with small bites, only when sitting, focusing on eating without any other activity such as watching TV) may help a lot in preventing this phenomenon. Gases and causes of flatulence.

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