Flaxseed and ginger drink to eliminate belly fat

Many girls are looking for the most effective ways to get rid of extra pounds and fat


The body, especially the abdomen and buttocks, is safe, so they start taking medicines

And drugs for a quick result, but they are often dangerous to the health of the body. Here in the Magazine, I present to you, Madam, a recipe for a magical and effective drink to eliminate belly fat within 10 days and get rid of excess weight in this region.


the components:


green tea spoon


2 pieces dried uncrushed pomegranate peel “the size of a tea biscuit”


spoon of ginger


mint spoon





2 tablespoons of flaxseed powder


How to prepare:


Mix all of the above ingredients in a suitable sized cup.


Boil a cup of water and pour it over the previous ingredients, then cover the cup for 5 minutes.


Drink the drink without any other additives 3 times a day after each meal to get the best results.