Five tips to prevent oily skin

The skin tends to become oily during the summer, especially with the increase in heat and humidity in the air, which leads to blocked pores and the appearance of pimples and acne.
Here are five tips to prevent oils and fats that may accumulate on the skin, according to the newspaper “Times of India” online, and website 24.
Avoid wearing too much makeup
One of the best ways to keep your skin clean is to avoid using too many cosmetics, which can clog pores and lead to increased oil production. Give your skin a chance to breathe, and stick to mild products.
Use blotting paper
It is recommended to keep special tissues in the bag, to dry the face when sweating and oils that may arise on the face during hot weather.
Facial Wash
Washing your face two to three times a day is one of the best skin care habits to follow during this weather.
Change your skin care products
During this season, replace skin care products, with products that suit oily skin type, you can replace the nourishing face wash with a product to cleanse the skin, and for creams, you can use water and gel creams.
skin masks
If you feel that your skin has become more oily than usual, you can use clay masks that combat excess oil and sebum