Fight against buttock acne!

Did you know that acne is not just for the skin of the face? And yes it can also appear on other parts of the body such as the buttocks. And having acne on the buttocks can be a sore spot. So to overcome acne pimples on our buttocks, here are some tips to adopt. Because acne does not only affect the skin of the face, it happens that sometimes, some people experience problems with buttock acne.
We all try to show off the buttocks of a Victoria’s Secret or Reef model.

Having pimples on your buttocks when you’re in a bikini can be embarrassing.
And beyond the physical aspect, the discomfort can also be felt because having acne on the buttocks can be painful. How to prevent acne pimples on the buttocks. You should know that buttock acne is not a hygiene problem but a hormonal problem. Because of this, we cannot really prevent the appearance of small pimples.

However, some precautions can be taken

Perfect hygiene

To reduce the appearance of pimples on the buttocks, you must first have impeccable hygiene. Wash yourself every day, morning and evening, with a neutral soap. Rinse thoroughly and then dry yourself properly. Moisture in the creases and soap scum can be the cause of unsightly pimples.
If you go to a public bathroom, don’t put your butt on the toilet. Practice the squat over the toilet or opt for protection.

Well-chosen products

To fight your pimples on the buttocks, choose neutral soaps and shower gels. You should also choose hypoallergenic detergents and softeners. When it comes to toilet paper, we focus on simplicity: no color, no perfume!

A ritual to respect

If you have pimples on your buttocks, you should do a gentle, localized exfoliation twice a week. Hydrate your skin every day with a hypoallergenic, low-fat body cream.
If you are sedentary or work behind a screen, remember to get up regularly to reactivate your blood circulation. The ideal is to get up every 30 minutes and walk at least 5 minutes per hour. Finally, hydrate yourself well and move around. This is the basis !

Appropriate clothing

If you often have pimples on the buttocks, choose cotton underwear, which is not very irritating and allows the skin to breathe. Also choose loose clothing and flowing materials.

Local treatment

If your pimples refuse to go away despite all of these great tips, see your doctor or dermatologist. So you will know more about the origin of your pimples and you will be able to apply a local treatment which will be effective. The latter are most often based on benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or alpha-hydroxyl acid. Components that can be found in acne products!