Fast acting acne treatment

Acne is one of the problems that many women suffer from, especially in the age of youth and adolescence, and it is a chronic inflammation that affects the skin and stands out through the appearance of pimples or blackheads, as well as white heads, and its effects may remain on the skin with some signs that may become Always.


The emergence of acne is usually in certain areas such as the face and neck, and there are those who suffer from acne in the chest, back and upper areas of the arms. However, the severity and frequency of acne may vary according to skin type, and it is not specific to a specific age, as teenagers suffer from it, so many adults suffer from it.


It is due to several reasons that cannot be counted, such as a hormonal imbalance, which is usually in women during menstruation or menopause, which is linked to many hormonal fluctuations within the body. Oily skin is also considered the most prone to acne, although it quickly gets rid of the effects, but the excess oily secretions contribute to the irritation of acne.


Today, dear Eve, I will present to you natural recipes to get rid of acne at home


The first recipe for getting rid of acne:


This recipe consists of an egg yolk, a small amount of lemon juice and a small spoon of honey


Mix the ingredients well, then apply it to your skin until it dries, then rinse your skin with lukewarm water if it is dry and cold water if it is oily.








The second recipe for getting rid of acne:




The ingredients are a tablespoon of starch, half a boiled orange, an egg white, a boiled potato, a boiled lemon with 50 ml of olive oil.




Mix the ingredients well and put it on your skin for half an hour and you will get impressive results.








The third recipe for getting rid of acne:




You need a spoonful of rose water with a spoonful of ground fenugreek and an egg yolk




As for the method of preparation, you only have to mix the ingredients together well until you get a homogeneous mixture and put this mixture over your skin to dry and avoid the eye area and after the rinsing process, apply a moisturizing cream if your skin is dry or wipe your face with rose water with a cotton ball if it is Your skin is oily.




Fourth recipe to get rid of acne:




You should prepare the following ingredient only a quarter of a bunch of parsley


Boil parsley like the way you prepare tea and do not leave it too much on a fire and boil your skin with it in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep.


The fifth recipe to get rid of acne:



This recipe consists of a cup of pomegranate juice with a spoon of vinegar




You only have to put this solution on the acne scars several times a day without exposure to the sun while applying this mixture.



Sixth recipe to get rid of acne:


You only need chamomile


Boil it on the fire and then use it as a face wash and you will get rid of acne scars permanently.


The eighth recipe to get rid of acne:



This recipe consists of carrots and lemon juice


You just have to grate a carrot and put it in lemon juice, then put this mixture while you are lying down


These recipes help to purify the skin from acne and add a fresh color to it. It also removes all wrinkles and impurities that would disturb your mood.



Just choose the best for you from these natural mixtures to apply on your skin.



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