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Far from traditional means..the easiest way to get rid of excess hair

The first thing a woman cares about is her face


She is always keen to increase his beauty and brilliance by going to beauty salons and applying makeup in all its forms.


To hide the flaws that her skin suffers from, then massage it to keep it vibrant.




A woman may take care of her skin at home by applying various masks that tighten it and give it moisturizing and a smooth texture.


While she is careful to trim her eyebrows to increase her beauty.




If a woman suffers from problems such as allergies, acne and the appearance of dark circles, she also resorts to the doctor to prescribe the appropriate treatment for her.


But despite all these ways to increase beauty, the problem of excess hair on the skin remains


One of the things that women worry about the most. No matter how much she puts on makeup or takes care of her skin, the hair and lint on her face will appear completely inappropriate.


This is because hiding the lint from the face is very difficult, and the traditional methods are no longer feasible, and they have many negative effects that they may have on the skin.




Because hair removal is one of the most common problems that women often complain about


Veet presented its new innovation in the world of beauty, Veet Sensitive.


Which will make you dispense with the traditional methods that you are tired of using, to enjoy beauty.








Veet Sensitive Touch is an innovation in the world of beauty




Vet has created a new device called Fit Sensitive; It makes your suffering easier


And it helps you to get rid of the use of traditional methods, especially in sensitive places where you feel great pain when removing hair from them.


It is the first device dedicated to trimming hair in sensitive areas such as the face, the area around the mouth, the armpits, and the bikini.








What distinguishes Fit Sensitive from other devices?




Soft on the skin: does not cause any cuts or scratches.

Quick to use: If you have a surprise event, Veet Sensitive is your solution.

High accuracy and great efficiency: The accessories that come with the device help you get the best hair trimming.

Its blades are powerful: to help you remove hair well.





Contents of the Vit Sensitive pack




AA batteries.

cosmetic bag.

beauty trimmer

Header to define and draw the shape of the eyebrows.

Bikini trimming head.

comb extensions.

styling layer.

Cleaning Brush.

cosmetic bag.





How to use




The way to use the device is very easy; So that you can trim your eyebrows very quickly


Especially on family occasions, by following a set of steps:




Use the small head, and add the comb to it if you want to trim your eyebrows, and then put the device on your eyebrows and move it against the growth of hair.

Remove the comb and use the liner tip, if you want to define the eyebrows; By placing it on your skin and gently pushing it towards the eyebrow.

Use a pencil if you want to fill in the eyebrows because there is a gap in them.





Do not hesitate and immediately get the device, in order to save your time, effort and money, because beauty is your address and Fit Sensitive is your only option



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