Fake recipes for a tight chest and a flat stomach and get rid of flabby forever

One of the worst side effects that may affect us as a result of following an absolutely unhealthy diet is sagging of many areas of the body, and the most affected are the breasts, abdomen, arms and buttocks as well. In principle, we explain to you the causes of sagging abdomen, arms and breasts as follows:





Losing excess weight by following an unbalanced diet, to get rid of unwanted kilograms quickly, which leads to the appearance of flabbiness in those previously mentioned areas.

Lose weight without exercising to tighten the flabby.

Aging with obesity, and not doing any exercise or little movement.

To get rid of flabby body, here are these instructions:

First: Stick to a balanced diet, without neglecting the element of exercise.

Second: reduce the intake of sweets, starches and fats.

Third: Follow a healthy diet without depriving food. You can eat what you love, but in small quantities, while increasing the intake of fiber that is abundantly available in leafy vegetables.

Fourth: Do not forget to drink large amounts of water to burn fat, and to enhance burning, add drops of lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar, which helps get rid of flabbiness, so be sure to drink a cup of apple cider vinegar after each meal.

Fifth: Walk, to tighten the flabbiness and stimulate blood circulation, other than that it is an inexpensive sport, but if the flabbiness of your arms is the problem, then you should play the sport of boxing intensely, or raise two bottles filled with water more than once throughout the day, to act as dumbbells.

Here are three natural recipes based on oils in the first place, that work to rid you of flabby quickly:

Initial description:

lemon oil

Peppermint oil

ginger oil

How to prepare:

Mix the above-mentioned ingredients well, then apply it to the sagging areas.

Second description:

2 tablespoons of any skin cream

Three tablespoons of glycerin

Three tablespoons of olive oil

A little rose water

half a lemon

How to prepare:

– Mix the previous ingredients well, then take the mixture with the palm of the hand, and massage the flabby area with it, leaving the mixture on it for about an hour, then wash the painted area with warm water and soap.

– You will notice the difference in the sagging area after 15 days of perseverance to follow the previous method.


Third description:

dandelion oil

green tea oil

olive oil

Sage oil or rosemary oil

Chamomile oil

thyme oil

fenugreek oil

How to prepare:

Mix the ingredients in equal quantities of the seven oils well and put them in an airtight bottle.

Massage the flabby area (breast, abdomen or buttocks) with the mixture of the seven oils in a circular manner from top to bottom, for about a quarter of an hour over a month and you will notice the difference.

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