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4 drinks that get rid of belly fat and buttocks

4 drinks that get rid of belly fat and buttocks




Losing excess weight in the body is one of the most concerns for many women, especially women who accumulate fat in their bodies, especially in the buttocks and abdomen area, which is difficult to eliminate.




Therefore, they seek to search for effective ways to eliminate these fats and obtain a slim figure and a slim body with minimal effort.




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1. Lemon and pineapple juice


They help rid the body of accumulated toxins and excess fluids, help the digestive system digest fats, clean the intestines of waste, and treat constipation.


the ingredients:


One hundred and fifty milliliters of lemon juice – Eighty grams of pineapple juice – Two hundred milliliters of sparkling mineral water – A slice of pineapple – A handful of mint – Some ice cubes.




Mix the ingredients together in a blender, then garnish with a slice of pineapple and mint.




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2. Cinnamon and Ginger Drink Ingredients:


Cinnamon – ground ginger – ground nigella – cumin – green tea – mint.




Mix equal proportions of the ingredients together, then put them in a bowl, take a teaspoon of it, boil a quantity of water and put it in it and drink it like tea.




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3. Fennel and cinnamon drink


It helps the body get rid of its fat, tightens the body, eliminates flabbiness in sensitive areas, reduces appetite, facilitates the digestion of food, expels toxic gases from the body and helps you get a flat stomach.




But before consuming the drink, you should not eat fatty and sugary foods, and make sure to exercise for thirty minutes every day.


the ingredients:


Two teaspoons of dried fennel – a glass of boiling water – a teaspoon of cinnamon.




Soak the ingredients in a cup of boiling water, then cover and leave it for five minutes and eat it three times a day, fifteen minutes before eating any meal.




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4. Parsley drink

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) / CPS

It dissolves fats and helps burn them and increases their speed. It also activates the kidneys, washes them and cleans them of salt and pus, which leads to the activity of the organs that are connected to them, such as the liver and intestines, and this causes the internal body temperature to be preserved and helps to dissolve fat. The interior also has no side effects, so it can be taken completely safely

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