Facts about the brain

The brain  does not feel pain, despite the presence of pain-sensing centers within it The brain is the largest consumer of oxygen in the body, as it consumes 20% of the amount of oxygen supplied to the body, knowing that its weight does not exceed 2% of the body’s weight.



80% of the brain is made up of fluids, hence the importance of drinking an appropriate amount of water





During sleep, the brain does not sleep! On the contrary, it becomes more active…



The brain stores everything a person sees, touches, breathes or smells. The problem is recalling the stored information.



The brain is divided into two hemispheres, each of which is responsible for controlling the opposite part of the body. The right hemisphere controls the left part of the body, and vice versa…



The brain completely stops sleeping at the age of 18



If the brain loses blood for about 8-10 seconds, the person will lose consciousness



The brain can survive for 4-6 minutes if oxygen is cut off from it, but after that the person will begin to die

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