Allergy to detergents and chemicals…dangerous  

Allergy to detergents and chemicals…dangerous




Some doctors recommend that people with muscle pain, dizziness, mental fogginess, balance problems, extreme fatigue, and autoimmune and neurological disorders undergo multiple chemical sensitivity tests.

Causes of chemical sensitivity syndrome

There are many theories that explain the causes of this syndrome. Some scientists believe that autoimmunity is the cause, and this deficiency is alerted by the chemicals present around us in the environment or in the body itself. While scientists and others are convinced that the causes are either toxins, or psychological or social issues, and since the symptoms can It varies from one person to another, as there is no precise standard. This syndrome generally appears in adults, especially women.

What are the stimulants?

Those who suffer from chemical sensitivity syndrome experience symptoms after direct exposure to certain substances in the environment, especially odors, aromatic substances, solutions, cleaning materials, new carpets, plastic materials, and the smell of cigarette smoke, while others are affected by substances added to foods, or medications, and sometimes by mercury. Found in dental fillings, silicone is considered the most guilty of causing chemical sensitivity in women who undergo breast augmentation surgeries using silicone. We also find silicone in many household products such as floor polish, hand lotion, soap, processed foods, chemicals used in war, and chewing gum, and some experts say Give me someone who is sensitive to chemicals, detergents, and bleach, and I will give you someone who reacts to silicone. Even injection needles surrounded by silicone find their easy way into the skin.

It is impossible to avoid silicone, and whether you have breast augmentation with silicone or not, unfortunately, silicone does not last forever. Silicone in the body causes many problems and unexplained symptoms, and it can leak and the symptoms are similar to chemical sensitivity.

It is always easy to isolate silicone from other sources of symptoms, such as ear cleaning tools and sticks, as well as face masks, all of which contain latex and other materials that may contribute to the problem.


Dr. uses Mike Winsberg, a holistic medicine practitioner at Plasticus Millennium Surgical Center and Healthcare in Atlanta, uses a natural, gentle and safe technique to relieve allergies to chemicals, silicone, mushrooms, platinum and other related substances. It is caused by mercury fillings without removing the mercury mixed with other metals. Each type of allergy usually takes a few sessions for Dr. Mike to find a successful solution. However, there are complex cases that require more time to find successful solutions for them.

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