Factors that affect the pH of your skin

Human skin needs a certain pH to be able to face bacteria, infection, inflammation and any external influences, according to dermatologists.
This is what the pH shows, which expresses the percentage of hydrogen in the skin. If the pH increases or decreases, the skin begins to be negatively affected, and this is exactly what makes many skin care products ineffective with you, according to “care beauty”.


Here we review the factors that negatively affect the pH of the skin, as the pH of the skin can change as a result of some factors such as:
1- Pollution.
2- The seasons change.
3- Cosmetics and make-up.
4- Skin cleansers.
5- Antibacterial soap.
6- Skin moisturizers.
7- Sweat.
8- Exposure to the sun for a long time.
9- Frequent washing of the face.