Face tightening exercises

Fast dieting, frequent use of hot water, pregnancy and childbirth, neglect of skin care, all causes the early appearance of sagging skin in separate areas of the body such as the abdomen, waist, arms and face.


At a time when you can hide the sagging of the abdomen and the waist with certain clothes specialized for this, such as the corset and the Lycra shorts, the sagging skin of the face and neck remains an unresolved problem for most women – especially those who refuse to undergo plastic surgery and face-lifts – because they are among the areas that remain exposed all the time.


In this case, the best option to maintain the agility of the face and hide wrinkles and sagging is to continue to exercise specialized in tightening skin sagging in various parts of the face such as the forehead, cheeks and chin.


Here are the 10 most important exercises that keep the face agile, renew skin cells, and make your face look fresh and full of vitality and youth always.


(exercise one)

Pinch your lips in an “O” shape, trying to stretch them forward as much as possible, then smile a very wide smile and repeat this process quickly 10 times in a row.


This exercise will work to tighten the muscles of the cheeks, stimulate blood circulation, and give them a natural pink color.


(the second exercise)

This exercise is divided into several movements, each taking three minutes, to tighten the skin around the eyes.


Step 1: Massage the upper and lower eyelids with your finger in circular motions, starting from the inner part of the eye outwards.


Step Two: Put both forefingers at the ends of your eyes, then pull your skin upwards towards your forehead and lower it again. Repeat this process 10 times.


Step Three: Put your two index fingers under your eyebrows, then use them to pull your skin up and try to close your eyes at the same time. Repeat 10 times.


(the third exercise)

Place your fingers on the area above your eyebrows, then pull your skin down and raise your eyebrows at the same time. Repeat this process ten times.

This exercise will significantly contribute to hiding wrinkles and skin folds in the forehead area caused by facial expressions.


(the fourth exercise)

Move the jaws several times, as if you are chewing Lebanon. Repeat this exercise ten times twice daily. This exercise will train the entire facial muscles.


(the fifth exercise)

Bring your lips forward as much as possible, then tilt them to the left a little and to the right, then smile a wide smile, and repeat this quickly also ten times in a row to tighten the skin around the mouth.


(the sixth exercise)

For the muscles of the nose, “lift” your nose with your finger, then inhale some air, then let it return to its normal position, exhaling the air.


(the seventh exercise)

Gently press your whole hands against your skin and then press with your fingers only for a few seconds to stimulate blood circulation to your entire face.


(the eighth exercise)

To tighten the skin of your neck, tilt your neck a little back and then place your hands on your neck from the front under the chin, and pull your hands down while raising the chin up at the same time.


(the ninth exercise)

Extend the lower lip as high as possible, then place your thumb on the chin bone, pushing the gums in the chin area with your tongue forward. This exercise is useful for tightening the skin of the chin.

As for the defined chin (in the shape of the letter W), it is preferable to massage it in the form of regular movements towards the neck using the thumb, after raising the lower lip up.


(the tenth exercise)

Prepare a massage for all parts of the face with the fingers of your hands in continuous circular motions for minutes until the blood flows to the skin and it looks rosy, more vibrant and youthful.

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