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Eucerin vaginal lotion, its advantages - Care Beauty

Eucerin vaginal lotion, its advantages


Many women resort to the use of vaginal lotion, within the routine of caring for the sensitive area to get rid of excess secretions and unpleasant odors, and the most prominent of these types Eucerin vaginal lotion, which is one of the best and most effective types and in the next lines we will address its benefits and price in detail.

Eucerin vaginal lotion

The vaginal area is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, and it is characterized as an acidic medium that is not suitable for the reproduction of harmful bacteria, and any increase in PH will cause the occurrence of infections and growth of fungi, where the vagina lives beneficial bacteria responsible for keeping the pH balance, and prevent the formation of harmful

The use of vaginal lotion is used as a leucerine lotion to clean the vagina from any excess secretions, rid it of unpleasant odor, and also cleanse the vagina of married women from semen after intercourse.:

Lye-free soap and colorings, and is very suitable for their skin sensitive.

Lactic acid enters the skin’s formula, thereby preserving the microflora in the vagina, and calming the sensitivity.

It is based on foaming substances derived from coconut oil which leaves the vaginal area clean and refreshed.

Treatment of fungal infections and bacteria in the vaginal area.

Reduce itching and vaginal infections.

It contains lactic acid known for its moisturizing properties for the skin and protecting the sensitive area from dryness.

Bisabol, derived from chamomile flowers, is an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory substance.

Maintain the normal pH of the sensitive area thanks to its ph4.5 content.

Leucerine lotion contains lactic acid that preserves beneficial bacteria in the vagina.

Can be used daily to cleanse the vagina.

What are the active ingredients in Eucerin lotion?



Eucerin lotion for pregnant sensitive area

Most women suffer from vaginal infections in pregnancy, and the lotion is one of the best types of lotion that can be used where recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists, but it is recommended not to use the lotion only after consulting a doctor considering that the stage of pregnancy is sensitive, so that the sensitive area is not affected by the negative.

Method of using Eucerin vaginal lotion

Add a lid of lotion in a liter of warm water, rinse the sensitive area, then rinse again with water and dry thoroughly to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and germs, an average of 3 times a week.

Experiences of Eucerin vaginal lotion

According to the experiences of some ladies with Eucerin vaginal lotion, The opinions came as follows:

“I use Eucerin lotion to care for the sensitive area, the product is great as it treated the fungi and bacteria that were causing me itching especially after the end of my period.”

”Eucerin lotion is one of the best I’ve ever tried because it made the delicate area smell beautiful, and saved me from vaginal infections.”

”Always use the lotion after intimacy to get rid of semen, and also use it after the end of the menstrual cycle to get rid of Brown secretions.”

“The lotion is more than wonderful and feels very fresh and hydrated after use”

Eucerin lotion price for sensitive area

Yucerine lotion is available in Egypt for 500 ml at a price of 210 EGP, in Saudi Arabia it is available at a price of 55 riyals, and in the UAE it is available at a price of 70 dirhams.

What is the harm of leucerine vaginal lotion?

According to the experiences of a large number of women, and studies conducted in this regard, the lotion does not have any harm, but I would like to explain to you something important, which is not to overuse the lotion and adhere to the dose prescribed by the doctor to preserve the beneficial bacteria in the vagina, and to ensure the best result

In the end I hope that I have given you full and complete information about lotion Eucerin vaginal, if you ever experience face your experience with us via comments, and don’t forget to share it with the rest of your friends to take advantage of them.