Essential drinks to give up to lose weight


Experts advise avoiding some drinks while losing weight, as they are high in calories.

The site “Fit for Fun”, that if you care to monitor your weight and follow a healthy diet, you should avoid some tempting drinks, such as a latte with caramel and cream, for example.

The site offers six basic drinks that are best given up.

1. Soft drinks

Drinks like low-sugar colas have low nutritional value and high calories. It is advisable to be careful not to drink lemon juice at high temperatures, as it does not quench thirst, and research has shown that the situation is not better with sugar-free drinks, so despite replacing sugar with low-calorie sweeteners, it may increase the feeling of hunger.

2. Fruit cocktail

A mixture of fruit juices and alcohol contains a lot of fructose and carbohydrates, which accumulate quickly in the thigh area. Sometimes these cocktails outnumber soft drinks in terms of calories.

Instead, it is best to drink a glass of wine, such as red wine, and drinking it in moderation can help you lose weight.

3. Coffee drinks with sugar

Cream and caramel added to a cup of coffee have a bad effect on weight gain. Experts do not recommend giving up coffee, but it is advisable to drink bitter coffee that can help in losing weight.

4. Iced tea

And packaged iced tea often contains more than 20 grams of added sugar. The best solution here is to make your own low-calorie iced drink with fruit iced tea and lemon juice and drink it in a thermal bottle while traveling in the heat.

5. Sports drinks

Sports drinks are important for professional athletes to get enough carbohydrates and fluids.

As for the average athlete, drinking it is not necessary. Fitness drinks often contain additional sugar, and here drinking water is the best solution before, during and after exercise.

6. Smoothie

Manufacturers add sugar to cold shakes, even though they contain fructose, so they are only suitable in limited amounts as part of a healthy diet.

It is best to make your own cocktail from your favorite fruits at home. The smoothie also features the ability to add vegetables to the drink, allowing for a further reduction of the sugar content.

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