Benefits of venison


The deer is classified from a group of mammals that reproduce by birth and suckle their young from their breasts. It is an animal famous for its agility, beauty of eyes, and lightness of movement. Most poets also sang in their poetry with its beauty, likening their beloved to it, and the deer is distinguished by having large eyes that are black in color, and it has beautiful black horns. It is smooth, and sometimes it has circular zigzag rings, it also has long ears and it has a small tail, and we sometimes find that there are types of deer that have hair on their knees, and usually the color of their back from the top is brown, while it tends gradually from the abdomen to become pure white And one of the most important characteristics of the deer is its high ability to run, it is very fast in running, and its speed sometimes exceeds the speed of some types of dogs, and it is worth noting that the deer is an animal that is threatened with extinction due to the rush of hunters on it, as some animal protection organizations have worked to establish some reserves to protect its breed from Extinction, because venison is eaten and has multiple ways to cook it, and the fragrance of musk is extracted from its blood.

Benefits of venison

Some Emirati research conducted by the researcher and doctor Muhammad Al-Hamoudi indicated that deer meat has many benefits for the human body, as it treats many diseases, and among the most prominent diseases it treats:

Paraplegia, as it helps to strengthen and tighten nerves, helps to dissolve fat, and works to get rid of constipation because it is a diuretic, and it is known to have a high nutritional value, and venison helps lower blood pressure, and contributes to improving fertility rates as well. It works to strengthen the heart muscle, and venison contains a good percentage of glycopene, which is easy to convert into glucose in the body.

It is also very important for nerve cells because it works to give them energy and stimulate the brain and nerve cells, in addition to that it works to give the body the necessary potassium element in the process of exchange of nerve flows, as it transfers them from the nerve endings to the areas to be moved, and it also facilitates the transmission of commands in the cerebral cortex. Without causing exhaustion to the cell.

Deer meat is a very important foodstuff in providing calcium and phosphorous, these two important elements in strengthening the bones and teeth. Vitamins and protein are important for pregnant women.