Electrostatic treatment of the body when touching objects

 the best methods that contribute to getting rid of this problem permanently, since a large number of people may suffer from increased electrical charges in their bodies for several reasons, and the good thing is that all treatment methods are simple and anyone can follow them without worry And through my website, everything related to this matter will be mentioned in a thoughtful and detailed manner.

The reason for the electricity in the hand

Some people suffer from excess electricity in the body, which leads them to seek electrostatic treatment when touching things.

  • Brachial plexus injury  It is severely affected by children or athletes, and the patient feels electricity, burning or numbness in the hand as a result of a defect in the brachial plexus nerve network.
  • Peripheral neuropathy  It is a condition that cancer patients who are treated with chemotherapy often develop or diabetics who suffer from peripheral neuropathy that results in a feeling of electricity in the hand as well as tingling and numbness, and also spasticity and muscle weakness, so the patient is not able to Hold things properly.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome  It occurs due to severe pressure on the wrist nerve, which results in a feeling of electricity in the hand, along with tingling and numbness, in addition to feeling some pain that extends to the forearm and wrist, and this pain quickly disappears when shaking the hand.


Symptoms of high electricity in the body

There are some symptoms that appear on the patient and indicate that he has high electricity, and then he begins to search for a treatment for the body’s electricity when touching things. These symptoms are as follows:

  • A person may feel an imbalance in temperature, sometimes feeling high and sometimes feeling low.
  • Nausea or vomiting at times.
  • Severe insomnia, which may last for several days.
  • Feeling of impaired vision.
  • Severe headache or dizziness.
  • Difficulty breathing, especially when sleeping.
  • A feeling of cramping in the throat or neck area.
  • And feeling trembling, which may reach at times to convulsion.
  • feeling out of focus
  • Sensation of numbness and numbness in the extremities

Electrostatic treatment of the body when touching objects

It may be great to know that the increase in electrical charges in the body may not need medical intervention, since it is a natural phenomenon and does not pose any dangers, and it can be treated in several simple ways, which are as follows:

  • Put a little coarse salt under all electrical appliances in the homes in order to draw out the excess electrical charges.
  • Massage the body with a little mustard oil, jasmine and sesame.
  • Rub the body with lukewarm water added to it with salt and follow this method on a daily basis in order to reduce static electric charges.
  • Continuous prayer because it helps to discharge electrical charges effectively.
  • Eat a spoonful of honey mixed with pollen granules after adding them to a glass of water twice a day.
  • Using peppermint oil to massage the brain area in order to get rid of the charges in it.


Causes of electricity in the fingers

It may be strange to know that some people may experience an increase in electricity in the fingers, especially when touching objects, and the causes of electricity in the fingers are as follows:

  • Not moisturizing the fingers enough and leaving them dry, especially in the winter.
  • Wearing woolen socks on the hands, which increases the ease of increasing electrical charges in the body.
  • Exposing the fingertips to salt or eating salty foods at a high rate.

Causes of increased electrical charges in the body

Before looking for a treatment for body electricity when touching things, it is necessary to know the main reasons for this, which are as follows:

  • Psychological causes  When a person is exposed to fear or psychological shock, the electrical charges rise in the brain, because the heartbeat increases and is followed by an increase in the number of signals sent to the brain, resulting in an increase in electricity.
  • Having a brain tumor  Because the brain always sends a large number of signals to detect the location of the tumor, this leads to an increase in electricity in the brain.
  • Using a mobile phone for a long time  Especially when talking and the phone is close to the brain, it sends electromagnetic waves through the ear to the brain and causes an increase in electrical charges.
  • Genetic causes  Since the increase in electrical charges can be transmitted through genes, if the father or mother has this symptom, it is likely to be transmitted to the son.
  • Exposure to electromagnetic radiation  such as using a computer, mobile phone or television for a long time, as all these devices emit radiation that increases electricity in the brain.
  • Wear shoes with soles made of leather :  as they reduce static electricity.
  • Using devices that help increase the humidity of the air :  Because static electricity activates in the body when the weather becomes dry, especially in winter.
  • Wearing a bracelet made of copper :  because it pulls the electrical charges that increase in the body.
  • Walking with bare feet on the ground :  because this contributes to the discharge of electrical charges in the body.
  • Adding clothes softener when doing laundry :  it contributes to getting rid of the electrical charges that are on it, and a metal pin can be placed in the clothes to contribute to the effective discharge of charges.


Treating excess electricity in the body with herbs

There is more than one method that contributes to treating the body’s electricity when touching things, including herbal treatment. It is worth noting that herbal treatment has proven very effective in getting rid of this problem, and the effective methods are as follows:

Violet and hops recipe

It is one of the simple and effective recipes, and its preparation requires extreme accuracy and adherence to the ingredients, and its method is as follows:

the components

  • 3 tablespoons of hops.
  • 3 tablespoons of violet.
  • 1 tablespoon of natural honey.
  • 1/2 cup pure water.

How to prepare

  • Add an amount of hops and a quantity of violets into a cup of boiling water.
  • This mixture is left in the water for 12 hours.
  • Then this mixture is boiled, filtered and sweetened with honey.
  • It is recommended to take a spoonful of this mixture on a daily basis every morning

 of excess body electricity when touching things, and its method is as follows:

the components

  • A quantity of hazelnut leaf.
  • Amount of rosemary.
  • 3 tablespoons of marjoram.
  • Honey for sweetening (optional).

How to prepare

  • Equal amounts of hazelnut leaf, marjoram and rosemary are added.
  • All these herbs are then ground and kept in an airtight container.
  • Then a cup of boiling water is brought, and then one tablespoon of the mixture is added to the water and sweetened with honey.
  • This mixture is left for 10 minutes, then filtered and eaten.

Ways to prevent excess electricity in the body

There are a number of ways that help reduce exposure to electricity in the body, and among these methods are the following:

  • Limit your presence in areas of high pressure.
  • Reducing the intake of meat or dairy products and milk.
  • Prostrating for long periods of time, because this contributes to the effective discharge of electrical charges.
  • Do not hold mobile phones for long periods and avoid placing them in sleeping places.
  • Walking on sand without shoes.

Tips to reduce body electricity when touching things

There are a number of tips that help reduce the feeling of electrical stings in the body, and these tips are as follows:

  • Be sure to wear leather or rubber shoes.
  • Keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day to reduce dehydration.
  • Limit the wear of wool or fiber clothing, especially in the winter.
  • Continuing to moisturize the whole body, depending on the appropriate creams for each skin type.


Thus, the  treatment of body electricity when touching things , the treatment of excess electricity with herbs and the cause of electricity in the hand, as well as the identification of symptoms of high electricity in the body, its causes and ways to prevent it, and some tips that help reduce electricity when touching things have been identified.

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