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Eating a bag of chips is equivalent to drinking 5 liters of cooking oil



The British Heart Association revealed the dangers of eating “chips“, which are made from potato chips after adding a lot of preservatives, oils and sugars to them, and that the manufacturing process often takes place without oversight of these materials, which may be one of the causes of cancer.


The British Heart Association prepared an awareness campaign against the dangers of this product, as it prepared an awareness poster that depicted a girl no more than ten years old drinking an entire bottle of cooking oil that might drip on her clothes. On the poster was a phrase saying, “What goes into making potato chips goes into… Directly to your heart,” according to what was published by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Shahed.


One sachet that is popular with children contains high calories, ranging between 500 and 1,000 calories, and this is one of the most important causes of obesity to which children are exposed.


Food science researcher Michael Moss added that the dangers of eating potato chips are not limited to causing obesity, considering that eating a bag of chips daily is equivalent to drinking 5 liters of cooking oil. Rather, there are four new facts about eating chips, the first of which is that companies manufacturing Chips is working on offering products that stimulate a person to become addicted to eating them in several ways, including the presence of high levels of starches and refined carbohydrates in chips, which can change the levels of glucose and insulin in the blood, which leads to increased hunger and the desire to eat larger quantities, according to the newspaper.


Eating chips in large amounts is as harmful to the fetus as smoking the mother due to the presence of the toxic chemical acrylamide, which is primarily responsible for disorders, lack of attention, and hyperactivity.


Scientists confirmed that their efforts to spread the culture of healthy eating and avoid chips addiction, especially among children, always end in failure due to the large number of tempting chip advertisements in attractive colors and the cooperation of popular celebrities in advertising and promoting the products of major chip companies.

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