10 foods richest in vitamin C !

10 foods richest in vitamin C !

Vitamin C enhances your immune system, participates in the formation of bone collagen in your body, and in the formation of cartilage, ligaments, and small blood capillaries. It also enhances the blood absorption of iron.

In order to protect yourself from fatigue, colds, and health ailments, take 90 mg of vitamin C daily, from the list we present to you:

Oranges, the most famous fruit in this field, contain 59 mg of vitamin C in 100 grams, a lower percentage than kiwi!

-100 grams of kiwi provides you with 93 mg of vitamin C, which is the amount your body needs per day!

A cup of grapefruit juice contains 50 to 70 mg of vitamin C

A medium-sized piece of cantaloupe contains 47 mg of vitamin C and 51 calories!

A cup of chopped strawberries provides you with the daily amount of vitamin C your body needs

Broccoli, like green cabbage and cabbage, is an important source of vitamin C

-100 grams of delicious guava fruit provides you with 228 mg of vitamin C

Did you know that red peppers are superior to green peppers in terms of the amount of vitamin C in them?

Papaya is one of the richest fruits in vitamins, as it contains vitamins A, B and C.

-Hot pepper, the star of vitamin C, 100 grams of it contain 242 mg.

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