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Don’t sweat anymore with this magic mixture

Enjoy the freshness and cleanliness that you are looking for, and remove the obsession with the smell of sweating that puts you in embarrassing situations that you do not need. The carebeauty Woman Magazine will provide you with some natural mixtures that will give you healthy skin free of unwanted odors.

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Mix alum and baby powder: Simply, replace your regular deodorant with a mixture of two equal parts of alum and baby powder known as talcum powder for amazing results.

Mixture of vinegar and potatoes: Slice the potatoes into thin pieces and dry them in the sun, then crush them to obtain a soft powder. Add two tablespoons of white vinegar to it to get a daily mixture that you apply for 15 minutes under the armpits.
Mixture of baby oil and lemon: After washing your armpits, cut a piece of lemon and rub it from the inside on the sweating area and leave the juice to dry. After that, apply a little baby oil to notice the gradual disappearance of the problem of excessive sweating.

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