An awesome and proven way to intensify eyelashes

Do you want to get thick eyelashes that highlight the beauty and attractiveness of the eye? Women Magazine will give you the most important tips for getting long and thick eyelashes..

Deal with the eyelashes gently and do not rub your eyes hard because the roots of the eyelashes are weak


2_ Use the eyelash brush carefully and do not pull the eyelids too hard

3_ Remove the mascara before going to sleep, because when it dries, it breaks the eyelashes




_ Get rid of the old mascara with a new one. This helps in maintaining the health of the eyelashes. It must be changed from 3 to 6 months.

– Eyelashes should be moisturized, so Vaseline can be applied to them before bedtime, and castor oil moisturizes them and speeds up their growth.

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