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Don’t have a nightmare, just 3 methods remove stains from carpets.

Carpet cleaning is really important to ensure a hygienic environment at home. There are also bacteria that are not visible to the eye except for the stains that occur on the carpet. We have collected some cleaning tips that will make your carpet clean as the first day.


With white vinegar to be kept in every house, you can easily remove the carpet or juice stains from any fabric.




Only visible on the carpets  spots not only, but also invisible microorganisms can form. At the beginning of these microorganisms come bacteria, viruses, fungi and mites. The accumulation of these invisible microorganisms on the carpet can be a major problem in terms of household hygiene and health. Here are some basic tips for carpet cleaning:



Arab soap is a natural and effective option for carpet cleaning.One of the important parts you need to pay attention to when cleaning your carpet with soap is the lack of dust, hair on your carpet. As a first step, thoroughly sweep the surface of the carpet or clean the dust and large particles using an electric broom. Heat warm water in a bucket or large container. Then add the piece of arab soap into the water and mix it well to create the solution by melting it in Arab soap. Dip a clean cloth or fiber into the arab soap solution and squeeze out the excess water. Start to wipe the surface of the carpet slowly and properly. Be careful not to apply too much pressure during this process, because excess water can seep into the lower layers of the carpet.After cleaning with soap solution, soak a clean cloth or fiber in the water and wipe the surface of the carpet with this water. This will help you clean the soap residue.


As the last process, take its moisture and let it dry. Arabian soap, methods of cleaning carpets at home it is one of the frequently used methods. This method is both economical and you feel clearly that you are cleaning.



During the day, you can have oil stains on the carpet whether you want to or not. When a paint is added to these stains in a house with children, the situation becomes even more difficult. You can practically clean tough oil stains with corn starch. Corn sprinkle the starch on the stain. You can use enough cornstarch to cover the entire stain. Wait about 5 minutes after sprinkling the corn starch on the stain. This time helps the corn starch absorb the stain. Then wipe your carpets with water prepared with vinegar. Try this method, both cheap and never harmful, to see the difference.




White vinegar it has been popular in recent years, it is a versatile material for household cleaning and can also be used effectively in carpet cleaning. White vinegar, which is one of the practical carpet cleaning methods, is a must-have product. With white vinegar to be kept in every house, you can easily remove the carpet or juice stains from any fabric. You can create a mixture by adding a cup of white vinegar, two cups of water and two teaspoons of dishwashing detergent. When you apply this mixture to the stained area with this mixture you prepare, you will see that there is no stain left behind when you wipe it with damp cloth.





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