Does fast food affect children’s school results?

A recent American study conducted on school children concluded that eating fast food may lead to a decline in children’s test results in mathematics, science, and reading..


“The results of this study provide preliminary evidence that eating fast food is associated with adverse outcomes on academic performance among children,” researchers at Ohio State University and the University of Texas said in the study published in the journal Pediatrics.


The researchers concluded that with regard to the growth of educational abilities, they found that eighth grade students who ate fast food on a daily basis had four points lower in reading than those who did not eat any meals, three points in mathematics, and four points in science.


The results may be attributed to low levels of nutrients in fast food, especially iron. The study said that high levels of fats and sugars found in fast food can also affect concentration and reaction times.


The study also showed that the link between eating fast food and academic performance remained complete even with the inclusion of variables such as physical activity, watching television, and socioeconomic status.



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