Does dandruff cause hair loss and baldness?

Many people ask an important question about hair health, which is does dandruff cause hair loss? Can this lead to baldness or increase hair loss? Dandruff is a chronic condition that affects the scalp and hair, and it is very common and appears in the form of white flakes that spread on the hair. These flakes, which consist of the surface skin layer, are made of dead skin cells, which often cause the head to itch , leading to hair loss.


Several studies conducted on dandruff indicate that there is a close association between the appearance of dandruff and hair loss. Although hair loss does not occur directly as a result of dandruff, constant scratching is the reason for this. When a person scratches his scalp to relieve the feeling of itching, this helps to weaken the hair roots, causing noticeable hair loss.


Does dandruff cause hair loss or baldness?


About 20 women out of 50 suffer from hair loss caused by severe itching, according to many studies and statistics conducted on many women around the world. Dandruff appears due to the severe dryness of the scalp, which in turn leads to the constant desire to itch, which leads to hair loss.

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But despite this, many cases of hair loss in adults are actually for reasons other than dandruff, where dandruff is an indirect cause of hair loss due to itching, excessive scratching and the production of more fungi. This means that even if your dandruff increases, this does not mean that you will lose more hair.

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And many medical research confirms that some of the chemicals found in shampoos used to treat hair loss may cause dandruff. Minoxidil, which is a common ingredient in shampoos used to treat damaged hair, is the main culprit. This substance leads to the appearance of dandruff, and consequently itching, weakening of the roots and hair follicles, and later falling out.


Hair loss due to dandruff causes and treatment


It is imperative to know the real reason behind the appearance of dandruff and the resulting fallout. This will help you in treating and eliminating dandruff and preventing hair loss. If you want to get rid of annoying dandruff, you should know the main cause first so that you can treat the problem later.


When it comes to dandruff, there are many factors that contribute to its appearance such as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and the overgrowth of dandruff-causing fungi. In addition, some dietary habits, some diseases, lack of personal hygiene, and the use of the wrong shampoo may lead to the appearance of dandruff more clearly. Fortunately, you can rely on some effective procedures and treatments to get rid of dandruff and prevent hair loss. These procedures and treatments include the following:


1- Change the shampoo you use


The first step you should take to get rid of dandruff is to change the shampoo you use. You can rely on a lighter shampoo specifically designed to reduce dandruff, as this shampoo contains some ingredients such as zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, activated charcoal and other substances that help fight dandruff and get rid of it completely.


2- Natural remedies for dandruff


There are many effective natural remedies for getting rid of dandruff that are recognized for treating dandruff, and these remedies include the following:


Tea tree oil Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties, thus helping to get rid of some skin and hair problems including dandruff. You can use tea tree oil by adding a little of it to your regular shampoo that you use to wash your hair. After several weeks of regular use, you will notice a significant improvement in the condition.


White vinegar Many studies have also found that white vinegar is very useful in treating dandruff, thanks to its acidic properties, which make your scalp unsuitable for the growth of fungi and bacteria and thus helps prevent the appearance of dandruff.


Olive oil is the best solution to get rid of dandruff if the dandruff is caused by excessive dryness of the scalp. And olive oil helps moisturize the hair and scalp deeply and also nourishes it and makes it free of dandruff. Just warm a little olive oil a little and then put the oil in your hands and massage your hair with it well.


You can also rely on some other effective remedies to get rid of dandruff, such as lemon, aloe vera gel, thyme, baking soda, and fenugreek seeds. These natural remedies are very effective in getting rid of dandruff, and they do not cause any damage to the hair or scalp.


If you suffer from annoying dandruff, which in addition to causing you embarrassment, it also causes severe itching and may lead to hair loss , you can start relying on one of these natural remedies that help to get rid of dandruff effectively with regular use. And if the reason for the appearance of dandruff is a poor diet or lack of personal hygiene, it is better to change your diet and rely on a healthy diet and take care of washing your hair well



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