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Diy natural eyebrow growth serum


Thick and wide eyebrows are one of the things that make a difference in the shape of the face, as they affect the look of the eyes and highlight them to become more attractive, in addition to being in line with the fashion of eyebrows, but many women suffer from the lightness of eyebrows hair and its filling with blanks, and they try to In this matter, resorting to cosmetic tricks that make them appear thick, but all of them are temporary and fleeting, so we will guide you in the lines of this article to the best natural way to intensify your eyebrows and give them a bold look and then attractively highlight the face in the end, so follow us.

Aloe vera recipe to intensify the eyebrows: Aloe vera gel is one of the natural substances whose name and properties have been associated with the health and growth of hair because it contains moisturizers, enzymes, and vitamins, giving the eyebrows the required density, as well as moisturizing the surrounding skin to make it more healthy, and it can be used by mixing a tablespoon A large amount of aloe vera gel with a teaspoon of coconut oil and the same amount of natural honey, and keep the mixture in the refrigerator to use it constantly, by massaging your eyebrows using the mixture and leaving it for half an hour, then rinse them with lukewarm water.

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