Discover with us the beauty benefits of baby powder!

Discover with us the beauty benefits of baby powder!




If you didn’t know, today we’ll share with you this beauty secret…Baby powder isn’t just for kids! In fact, this lotion that we have always used only for children has a lot of cosmetic benefits, which you may make you put it on your beauty table after you get to know it in the next article. The most popular cosmetic use for baby powder is as an alternative to dry shampoo, and it’s not only cheaper than dry shampoo, but it lasts longer! When you feel the start of oils on the scalp, sprinkle it with a little baby powder and massage it to absorb the roots and make the hair appear thicker. If you are worried about leaving the powder white on the scalp, try mixing it with substances of the same color as your hair, for example, mix it with cocoa powder if your hair is brown, or a little cinnamon if your hair is red, and do not worry about the smell. Since the main goal of baby powder is to increase the smoothness of the skin, you can use it after shaving your legs. Spray it on the legs to smooth rough areas after a girdle while you relax. The powder will also dry out the skin, helping you apply a generous amount of your favorite body lotion. But if you are removing body hair with sweetness or wax, putting a simple amount and a light layer of baby powder on the skin before performing hair removal helps make the process easier. If you are heading to the beach, carry a little baby powder with you, as it helps remove sand easily from your skin. Even if we are in the winter, some still suffer from the problem of sweating, use baby powder in the armpits to absorb any sweat and get rid of annoying odors. The same goes for the feet, if the shoes cause your feet to overheat, sprinkle a little baby powder before wearing them to absorb the sweat.

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