Discover the secrets of glossy lipstick

It is said that the origin of lipstick was Mesopotamia, since more than 5000 years ago, women were grinding precious stones and placing them on their lips, which was completed with the peoples of ancient Egypt, so that Andalusia would later be the first to manufacture solid lipstick, so it is not It is a coincidence that international companies and cosmetic and makeup experts are interested in lipstick, as this product has a charming effect on your appearance in general. It has a little brother called lip gloss, so what are its secrets?


Always remember that dark colors make your lips smaller, and that you prefer to use glossy lipstick. Wipe your lips with a lipstick close to the natural lip color, then apply a dark color lipstick, then remove it with a paper tissue, then apply a glossy lipstick.


Do not forget to define your lips with a natural pen before applying the lip gloss, which you must spread within the line drawn, so as not to run outside the borders of your lips.


In order to prevent the lipstick from sticking to your teeth, place your index finger in the middle of your lips, then remove it and correct the color with the brush designated for that.


To always make sure that you choose the right colors for you, choose the colors that match the color of your eyes, hair, and skin. Everything that applies to dry lipstick, you can apply to glossy ones.

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