Diet for one day only to blow up the fat travel and holidays

Many people are keen to lose weight and burn fat through a healthy diet. The problem, however, is that they may regain those kilos on holidays or during travel and vacations. That is why it is necessary to follow after that, and for a day, the diet of oats and pineapple. It helps them blast fat and sculpt textures with ease they don’t imagine. 

Chicken and pineapple diet for one day


Two slices of whole wheat toast. Two slices of fresh pineapple with a cup of green tea without sugar.

Lunch and dinner
 2 or 3 pieces of grilled chicken meat without fat and salt, 4 to 5 slices of pineapple. For dessert, you can eat a cup of skimmed milk without sugar. Finish your meal with a cup of green or red tea.  


If you feel hungry in between meals, you can drink an herbal extract of your choice to rid your body of toxins. And you can eat a few slices of pineapple.  

After this day, it is necessary to adopt a healthy diet and to exercise regularly. And don’t forget to eat vegetables, fish, eggs, fruits… Also consume grilled, oven-cooked or steamed meats.

Chicken   and pineapple diet benefits

It is better not to follow the chicken and pineapple diet for several days. The reason is that it does not contain all the nutrients your body needs. However, it gives you a lot of health benefits.

Pineapple helps burn fat and provides the body with fibers that contribute to regulating the intestinal transit process.

In front of the fat-free chicken, it provides the body’s need for protein and energy, while the herbal extracts help you feel full during the day.

In order for you to benefit from the chicken and pineapple diet to burn fat and sculpt the body, it is better to follow it for one day, especially after Eid days or travel and vacations

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