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Dark circles have more than one color, learn about them and ways to treat them

Dark circles are a problem that most people face, but did you know that dark circles have colors, through which we can treat them? Follow this interesting topic with us and share your opinion with us.


Blue halos:


Reason: These dark circles come from lack of sleep or some kind of sensitivity and stress


Solution: The good news is that these halos are temporary and you can get rid of them by sleeping well. Taking the necessary injection. If you suffer from allergies, take a deep breath during the day to get rid of stress.





Halos in reddish-purple color:


The reason: You have to blame age and heredity


Solution: You can apply Rintol cream, and if the color remains very clear, you can get rid of these circles with a laser.


Brown halos:


The reason: Sun damage and genetics can lead to hyperpigmentation, which creates brown or black colored circles under your eyes.


Solution: This is the trickier kind, but you can use products that contain antioxidants, various retinoids (like vitamin C and niacinamide), botanicals (like arbutin and soybeans) and whitening agents (like hydroquinone used very, very carefully). You should always protect your skin from the sun, and you can also go to the specialist doctor.

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