Make-up is an indispensable beauty application in daily life, especially for women. We say especially because lately, the use of make-up among men has become more common day by day.

The purpose of make-up; is to show beauty. However, when applying make-up, many chemical products come into contact with the skin and their harms occur. Especially sleeping without removing make-up is the worst harm done to the skin. However, it is a fact that there are times when we sleep without taking off our make-up, either because we are lazy or at the end of a busy day.


Make-up makes the face look beautiful, but if it is not cleaned, it causes the skin to deteriorate day by day.

We have listed the damages related to this issue for you. I hope we can be of some use to you;


Effects of make-up base and foundation;

Since the makeup base and foundation applied to the skin completely cover the skin, the pores remain airless. Foundation and make-up bases, which are exposed to air pollution and environmental effects throughout the day, are under the influence of microbes. For this reason, the duration of make-up base and foundation on the skin is 6 hours. If the skin is not cleaned beyond this period, pores will form. Since the skin does not breathe, its elasticity decreases, causing premature aging. Thus, wrinkles appear at an early age.


Effects of applying blush;

Blush, like foundation and make-up base, prevents the skin from breathing. If we sleep without removing the blush, itching and blistering may occur on the skin after a while.


Effects of eye shadow;

The area where eye shadow is applied is one of the most sensitive areas of the skin. For this reason, when you sleep all night without cleaning your eye shadow, it causes allergic reactions and bacteria formation. It also causes premature wrinkling for the skin.


Effects of mascara and eyebrow pencil;

Mascaras, which are applied to have beautiful eyelashes and make the look more effective, cause many negative effects on the skin if they are not cleaned. These chemical products applied to eyelashes and eyebrows cause eyelash loss and eyebrow loss if they are not removed before sleeping at night. They also irritate the eyes and cause microbe formation. It can lead to eye damage, causing problems such as redness and burning in the eyes. 

If the eyebrow pencil is not removed after use, it causes hardening at the hair roots. Thus, when you have your eyebrows plucked, it causes you even more pain.


Effects of lipstick;

Even though lipstick does not have very harmful effects like other make-up products, it still has harmful effects. It can cause lips to dry and crack. For this reason, it is necessary to exfoliate your lips before going to sleep and moisturize them from time to time. If we sleep without removing the lipstick, we will cause damage to our lips while we want to have beautiful lips.

If you sleep with make-up on and wake up feeling a different weight on you. It prevents you from getting quality sleep. It also leaves many effects on the skin and causes skin problems. A spotty, wrinkled skin manifests itself. Don’t worry while trying to do eyebrows! Let’s not turn the positive aspects into negative aspects… Above all, love and value yourself. Our most valuable garment is our skin… Do not neglect to take care of your skin as much as you can…

Don’t forget to do skin care routinely!

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