Creamy fish fillet



Chili pepper: To taste

Capsicum: 2 tablets (chopped)

Salt: pinch

Cumin: a pinch

Onions: 2 tablets (chopped)

Coriander: pinch

Parsley: pinch

Fish fillet: 300 grams

Curry: 1 teaspoon

Cooking cream: a box

How to prepare

Cut the fillet into medium pieces and season with lemon, salt, cumin, and curry.

Put on the saj olive oil and fry the fillet until its water dries up.

Put it in a bowl of Pyrex and put on the side the onions with olive oil until wilted, then add the bell pepper and hot pepper until they wilt.

Put spices and pour whipping cream.

You can decorate it with coriander and parsley and cover it with foil and in the oven from the bottom until it gets a thicker consistency, and serve hot.

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