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Corona vaccine .. Is it true that it causes sterility?

A large group of people of childbearing age refuse to receive the Corona vaccine, for fear of causing infertility. Are these concerns valid? What does science say about it?


The answer is as follows, according to the German DW website:







A proportion of people around the world either refuse to receive the Corona or Covid-19 vaccine at all, or are still reluctant to receive it; Because of fears that it may cause a change in the genes, a decline in the fertility rate and thus sterility.


A poll in Germany, in which about 31,000 people participated, showed that 31% of people are still hesitant and want to wait to be sure that the vaccine is free of side effects.


According to German health experts, the novel coronavirus vaccines currently approved in the European Union have shown great effectiveness in combating the epidemic. According to the German Robert Koch Institute for Epidemiology, the vaccine reduces the risk of infection with the virus, but it may also have side effects in some, such as shortness of breath.




Corona vaccine has nothing to do with infertility!




According to Klaus Sichutik, head of the German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedical Medicines, linking the Corona vaccine with infertility is not based on scientific facts, and falls within the unfounded false news.


German health experts also stress that there is no indication that vaccines can cause genetic modification in humans or change the cells of their bodies in any way. And trials with licensed vaccines showed no symptoms associated with fertility.


In turn, many German medical societies confirmed that there is no relationship between the vaccine and sterility. These associations consider it just a rumor, which experts have not confirmed

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