Coffee is the best treatment for headaches caused by fatigue  

Coffee is the best treatment for headaches caused by fatigue


Taking a cup of coffee with the usual dose of “paracetamol” gives a more effective pain reliever

The latest medical experiments and research show that coffee represents an effective treatment for headaches resulting from pressure, exhaustion, and work stress. However, experts in medicine and public health recommend a cup of coffee with the usual dose of “paracetamol.”

The Paraxel International Clinic in the United States, which specializes in conducting many medical researches, found that coffee, with its caffeine content, plays an important and effective role in treating headaches, after the clinic conducted experiments on more than 300 people in this field.

According to the results of the study, one cup of coffee contains on average 65 milligrams of caffeine. If this amount of caffeine is taken along with a capsule containing 500 milligrams of “paracetamol”, which is the usual dose, the effectiveness becomes greater, and these two substances together become more effective. The ability to combat headaches resulting from fatigue and stress, which affect most people from time to time.

A recent study also conducted by the British University of Oxford found that mixing paracetamol with 100 milligrams of caffeine leads to the production of a more effective pain reliever for at least 10% of people.

The study also found that people who practice sports at a young age become less likely to see doctors as they get older.

The study followed 712 men aged 78 years to find that those of them who played sports, or were a member of a sports team more than 50 years ago, now live in a better health condition and visit doctors less than their peers.

It is noteworthy that the prevailing belief is that coffee, which is considered a stimulant, represents an additional reason for increasing headaches, headaches, and other body aches, but this new study demolishes this belief.

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