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Coffee helps.. memory  

Coffee helps.. memory





Scientists and researchers disagree about the benefits and harms of coffee, but a new study found that the caffeine in it benefits memory, and its benefits are not limited to raising alertness.

And the American website (Health Day News) reported that researchers from Johns Hopkins University studied the effect of caffeine on memory, without taking into account other factors that enhance brain capabilities, and found that this substance enhances some memories for about 24 hours after drinking coffee.

“The discovery of an effect of caffeine on making human memories less forgettable and more persistent is new,” said Michael Yassa, lead author of the study.

The study included 100 people who do not drink a lot of coffee, tea or cola drinks, which are rich in caffeine, and asked them to look at hundreds of daily pictures on a computer screen, such as pictures of shoes, chairs, etc., and after 5 minutes, half of them were asked to drink half of them 200 milligrams of caffeine.

After 24 hours, everyone saw the pictures again, and it became clear that the group that had consumed caffeine was able to distinguish the pictures more than the others and to know whether they were what they had seen in the past or not.

It turns out that at least 200 milligrams of caffeine was necessary to enable more memory.

Yassa said that caffeine may help retain memories for a longer period and with greater accuracy, noting that more studies must be conducted to determine the cause.

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